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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mushroom and Basil Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Proscuitto

Thigh rocks, breast in this case, is not best. Dries out you see. The mushroom goo I used in this was basic (shroom, garlic, white wine, parsley, salt and pepper, sour cream). To make the concept even more appealing, I only had to use 2 large button mushrooms to make enough goo for 4 thighs. If you have some, use some duck fat or chicken fat to cook the mushrooms in for extra depth. Also, in this recipe I have used some garlic oil and some oven roasted tomato oil to coat the chicken, if you don't have this, some minced garlic in oil will work quite well.

4 large, skinless chicken thigh fillets
4 slices prosciutto
3 tbs pine nuts toasted
1 handful of basil leaves
1 heaped tsp garlic oil
Mozzarella (or other)
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil
Roasted beetroot
Steamed asparagus
Spring onion and Parmesan potato bake

Preheat an oven to 180C. Cut a large sheet of cling film and lay on a cutting board. Beat out each chicken thigh until thin but not broken. Use something long and solid like a rolling pin - I use a knife sharpening steel. Season the thigh fillets with salt and pepper, add the garlic oil and oven roasted tomato oil and massage into the meat. Remove to a clean plate to marinade for 10 minutes. Mix the mushroom and pine nuts together.

After 10 minutes lay each fillet on a clean cutting board. Spoon on about 2 tsp (more if you have room) of the mushroom/pine nut gear into one half of each thigh fillet, top with a couple of basil leaves in each and, layer in some mozzarella cheese. Fold over each thigh and wrap a prosciutto slice around each one making an overlap on the side facing you. Heat a little oil in a large non-stick frying pan to medium high and when hot, place each chicken thigh in, overlap side down. After 4 or 5 minutes turn over and place the frying pan in the oven for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes check for doneness, if it needs more time, give it some. When ready, remove from the oven to warmed plates and serve with roasted beetroot, steamed asparagus and spring onion and Parmesan potato bake.

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