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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Garlic Parsley Prawns on Turkish with Iberica Ham and Triple Cream

A little decadent but so damn good. Iberica ham IS expensive ($100 a kg) but it is sliced thin and you don't need much of it - 8 slices cost $6 and I used only 4 slices. It tastes amazing. Instead, used Prosciuto or Parma Ham. Either way, the flavours of all of them are brilliant. As a guess I would say this worked out at $12 a head but they were big serves for 2 (main size) and I reckon you would pay at least twice as much for half the size in a restaurant as an entree. 45 mins beginning to end, including shelling. Split the portions to make it go further or increase the quantities for more portions.

400 gms green prawns, shelled
3 tbs minced parsley
2 tbs garlic oil
Salt and cracked pepper
Squeeze of lemon
Splash white wine
Extra virgin olive oil
1 piece of Turkish bread split
Triple cream brie
4 slices Iberica ham (or Prosciutto)
1/4 Spanish onion thinly sliced
Chilli flakes

Combine 1 tbs garlic oil, salt and cracked pepper and 2 tbs parsley with the prawns with a squeeze of lemon in a bowl. Spread some garlic oil over the cut side of the turkish bread. Tear the ham into smaller pieces.
Toast the Turksih bread under a grill and remove when ready. Heat a little extra virgin in a pan to medium high. When hot pour in the prawns and toss about until just cooked - 2 or 3 minutes. Pour in a splash of wine, stir about and remove from the heat. Place 4 thin slices of cheese on each piece of bread and spread with a knife. Divide the ham amongst the bread, top with prawns, onion slices and spoon over any remaining prawn cooking liquid. Sprinkle over some parsley and chilli flakes and serve.

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