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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Polenta Crusted Pan Fried Potato Chunks

I saw the Hairy Bikers coat potato in semolina to roast in goose fat. It sounded like a great idea so I decided to try something similar. Takes a bit of time, about 30 minutes, but the result is real proper golden and crunchy potato. This was served with crumbed fish. The potatoes have been requested a second night in a row to go with my Pear and Lemon Pork Belly recipe.

3 or 4 tbs polenta (or semolina)
Thyme sprigs
Oil (I used canola)

Peel and cut the potato into the sized chunks you want, I went for about 2 or 3 cm cubes. Boil the potato in a saucepan with a lid for a few minutes to par cook them. Drain the water and allow the steam to dry off your spuds somewhat. Add the polenta to the potato, put the lid on and shake about gently to scuff up the potato and coat in the polenta. Add enough oil to be a few mil deep in a large saucepan and heat to medium high. Place all of the scuffed potato and the thyme sprigs into the oil and fry on all sides until there is a golden colour. Drain on absorbent paper and season with salt.

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