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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sage, Pumpkin and Anchovy Sauce

Well easy and really good. I plan on doing this instead of gravy next time I roast pork or do pork belly. Don't worry about the anchovy, it melts away and goes to the background and makes everything else stand out - it does not taste like hairy fish. Add some cream if you want.

1 big wedge of pumpkin diced and cooked
1 big handful sage leaves roughly chopped
50 gms butter
2 cloves garlic roughly minced
Good splash of white wine
Resting juice from cooked pork
Salt and pepper

Blitz/blend the pumpkin until very smooth. Heat the butter in a pan to medium and when beginning to froth add in the garlic and sage and saute until fragrant and with a little colour. Add in the anchovy fillets and cook for a minute or so, squashing it a little as you go. Splash in the wine and reduce by half, add in the pureed pumpkin and stir, reduce the heat to low and simmer for five minutes. Add in the resting juice from your pork, mix and check for seasoning adding salt and pepper if necessary. Turn of the heat and cover, reheat when ready.

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