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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Whole Mushroom and Cognac Sauce

I served this with steak on the weekend, it was low maintenance and tasty. The simple ingredient that really makes the difference here is the resting juice from the steak which I had cooked after starting the mushrooms off. You can use that idea for any warm/cooked sauce that you make, much like in gravy. Its not a punch in the face but it gives sauces more depth. Of course the most prominent flavour here though will be the cognac but you could just as easily use brandy or port, even scotch whiskey if you wanted to. This is enough for 6 steaks.

1 tbs garlic oil (more if necessary)
1 shallot thinly sliced
1 bag of small button mushrooms
3 tbs cognac
1/2 cup stock (use what you have on hand)
3 tbs mascarpone (substitute with any form of cream)
The resting juices from steak

Add the garlic oil and shallots to a pan over a medium heat. When aromatic add the mushrooms whole and toss through the flavoured oil. Continue to move about occasionally until coloured all over and a bit soft, about ten minutes. Add the cognac to the pan (be careful it may flare), stirring to remove any caramelised bits from the bottom. When almost completely reduced (about 1 minute) add the stock and allow to reduce. Cook steak, rest steak somewhere warm. Once reduced add the mascarpone and turn down heat to medium low. When reduced add the resting juice from the steak, increase the heat and reduce further. Check for seasoning and spoon over your steak.

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